Travel Tips: Cebu – Bohol cheapest Travel

Bohol Phillipines is one of the famous tourists destination because of its chocolate hills , tarsier sanctuary and another beautiful views . Let me tell you how to travel bohol in cheapest way:

  1. From Cebu City Pier 1, take a ferry going to tagbilaran Bohol. Get Ticket cost P400.00 for open air ang P500.00 for tourist . You should also pay the terminal fee cost P25.00. ( Travel time takes two hours)
  2. When you arrived at tagbilaran terminal, look for a trycle going to Dao terminal ( cost P30.00 /pax).
  3. From Dao terminal take a bus going to carmen to see the beautiful chocolate hills ( cost only P60.00). Once you arrived at carmen bus stopping to chocolate hills, look for a ” HABAL -HABAL” cost P50.00 and dont forget to pay the environmental fee cost P50.00. Enjoy the views!
  4. Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, outdoor and nature

4. After  Chocolate hills you can go back to the bus stopping either by ”habal- habal”  or by hiking to see the beauty of the forest and decide which you want to visit more or you can go Tarsier sanctuary in Ubay bohol.

5. To get their in Trsier sanctuary , Take a bus going to ubay bohol ( cost P60.00) and when you come to the tarsier sanctuary stopping, Take a ”Habal- habal” again going to Sanctuary itself cost P50.00. Then pay the environmental fee cost P50.00 also. Enjoy!

6. After Tarsier sanctuary, you can go back to tagbilaran by bus cost P60.00 and you can check in to GV hotel . ( room rate started at P500 / single room) or  you can go back to cebu through fast craft.

Happy Travel!


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